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Month: October, 2011

Happy Halloween From V, to You ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Remember when you were a kid and Halloween was the one true day you had all year to let your freak flag fly, and put every ounce of creativity you had into your costume? (not to mention the insane amount of candy you earned & ate!)

Well its a shame we all have to age. Now Halloween is all about how to get away with dressing like the biggest slot and wearing the least amount of clothing ..

But you & I can change this. We can put the creative spirit we all love and miss back in to Halloween, and still remain our fashionable selves; Even on a day that’s suppose to be our off day.

Consider going as fashion icon Anna Wintour! here’s all you need :

A Sandy Blonde Bob Wig

A Pair Of Oversized Sunglasses

A Funky Party Dress (available at Asos)

An Eye Catching Knit Cardigan (available at forever21)

Beginning to see how easy it is to make Halloween a creative and fashionable one? All you need to do is pile on the chunky accessories and you’re all set !


If you’re like me, and won’t be able to pull this costume off for the Obvious reason, this look can easily be converted to a Naomi Campbell costume as well. All you would need to do is swap the blonde bob wig for a deep brunette one, add a bejeweled cell phone, and you’re ready for the catwalk.



One of the boys

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I told you guys in previous posts how I’ve always been a fan of the menswear inspired look. Females that can pull of a garment that is typically worn by men, and can make it their own – #winning!!

Here’s a couple of ladies that can do it like a dude, while putting a feminine spin on it:

Janelle Monea

Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes

Kendall Jenner

Paul Smith even made  his entire fall 2011 women’s ready to wear collection menswear/geek chic inspired !!

Yup, a fashionable female that can dress like a fashionable man, is a look that’s always in fashion !


The Search for the Perfect Red Lip

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Anyone who knows me very well, and has known me for years, will say that I am a very dramatic person in nature.

Now keep in mind that astrologically I’m a Gemini (that pretty much says it all). So by day I’m the quiet student in the back of the room steadily taking notes, and actively listening to discussions; but as soon as class wraps,  I’m the girl going to different events on campus, laughing and mingling with everyone who compliments my braids.

Point is, there’s two sides of me. I’m the girl who still has border line nervous break downs when I’m in the front of the room about to give a group presentation (starting see dramatic thing I refered to earlier?!) And at the same token, I’m the fearless, confident, bold chick who has no problem being one of the models in a fashion show, and who doesn’t even break a sweat during an interview (and I’ve been on many). But I digress.

My absolute favorite lip color is red. It’s that right mix of old hollywood, regal, feminine glam, and drama! I come alive as soon as I apply it.

Red is an awesome color and a must have in every woman’s makeup bag. The problem with a red lip is finding the perfect shade. While browsing through my Sephora iPhone App, I came across this lovely red lip-perfect shade-finder and tutorial.

I personally own NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, and  just like the woman in the video said, it’s a great product because it’s a liner/color combo that can be easily applied.

here’s a blowup of my admin picture featuring my dramatic lip:

A red lip is always in fashion whether your dramatic like me, or not. Finding your perfect shade is key, and once you’ve done that the hard part is over!


V, Behind the Scenes !

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Today I had the awesome opportunity of shadowing a local designer as he prepped for a photo shoot. I got to see first hand, along with a few of my other classmates, all the time and preparation a typical fashion photo shoot requires for both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Excuse me if I sound a little gitty and over joyed. This is Rhode Island, this stuff doesn’t just happen everyday here!!

The designers: Everett Hoag, Zach Lo (shoes)

The location: Aspire hotel/restaurant

The agency: Safari Models (out of Charles St. Providence, RI)

It was really cool how welcoming everyone was to us students. The team went out of their way to make us feel apart of the shoot. They encouraged us to ask questions, mingle with the models, and really participate in all the action. They were so welcoming that they even encouraged one girl in our group to join in, and help with styling the model’s hair!

 Mackenzie stepping in and styling hair (don’t worry, she certified lol)

One of the models getting made up

The make up station

Designer Everett Hoag let Mackenzie try on one of his signature hats!

 Eleana posing with Zach Lo’s amazing shoes

One of the models fiercing it out during the photo shoot

A couple of the other models getting ready for their shot

me taking in all the cool festivities of the afternoon 🙂

All in all, it was a very fashionable afternoon, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.


Death to the Jegging !!!

by hopelesslyambitiousv

If you read the title of this post and were immediately offended, let me apologise in advance. I don’t speak for the masses, I speak for myself and Jeggings are just not my cup of tea.

First of all, I’ve never really been a fan of two-in-one anythings. The two items in question are always great separate, but then become crap when forced to co-mingle.

Jeggings are trash!

Ugh. I especially hate the ones with the printed on pockets, the really thick ones that look like grandma pants with the elastic waste, or the ones that have the nerve to have a zipper at the ankle. You’re not fooling anyone !!

I understand the argument for the Jegging. Sometimes you need a pant that can be versatile, and can easily glide in your form-fitting riding boots and rain boots, but there’s so many Jegging alternatives out there that are way more fashionable. There’s the skinny jean, the super skinny jean, the riding pant, and the classic and printed legging itself.

American Apparel’s Riding Pants

Levi 112 Super Skinny Rinse Wash Jean (available at ASOS)

Ikat Printed Leggings at ASOS

Seriously, if you can help it, join me in the fight to banish Jeggings from every dresser draw. No one should be subjected to the denim/way to much spandex mix any longer ! If we let ourselves get away with these what’s next? The Pajama Jean ??

This Stops Now .


Best tip my phone ever gave me ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Courtesy of the 500 Beauty Tips iPhone App


United By Fashion

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity of modeling in my school’s annual United By Fashion fashion show. The show was put together by the international club and the international fashion society I joined earlier this year.

It went great! And even though I was a model and couldn’t actually see the show, because I was summoned to the backstage/prep areas, I was told by various people in the audience that we all did great and the show was fantastic.

What’s great about the show was all the proceeds we earned went straight to breast cancer awareness and the Genesis Center. Also, all the clothes that we purchased went to charities like Dress for Success.

I don’t have the actual professional pictures from the show, but here are some of the pictures I took with my iPhone of all the backstage goodness and model madness ..

As you can see, the dress was business chic with a mix of the international attire from some of the model’s respected countries. We were all truly united by fashion!


Fashion Food for Thought ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Inspiration always seems to come from the oddest places 🙂


Mad for Oxfords

by hopelesslyambitiousv

This traditional menswear staple has been making a name of its own in the women’s shoe arena for the past couple of seasons.

I love oxfords because they’re a clean, prep, casual shoe that you can throw on with a nice blouse, and look like you’ve just stumbled upon a very chic, well put together outfit.

I own several pairs of them; And if it weren’t for my enormous feet, (I’m 5’9 y’all) I would probably have a lot more.

Steve Madden Laceless Trouser Oxford

Mack2 Black Lace Up Brogues – Top Shop

Mack2 Black Lace Up Brogues – Top Shop

Miss Me Ray 3 Oxford

Oxford shoes are a wonderful addition to a shoe closet and are a prefect alternative to heels (did I mention I’m 5’9!). They are definitely high on my must haves list.


Allow me to reintroduce myself !

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I realized that I haven’t gotten a lot in about myself. Sure, you know this blog started as an extra credit course assignment, you’ve seen my braids, my mild obsession with super model Jourdan Dunn, and have even been cyber introduced to my best friends.

But the one thing I haven’t gotten into yet was where I’m from. No big deal right? Wrong. If you’re from where I’m from you shout it out from the roof tops, and make others that aren’t from here envious !!


Born and raised. I don’t wish to live anywhere else in the world. There’s simply nothing else like it.

You have to excuse my sense of NYC pride for a moment, and take into account that I’ve been away from my home on & off for the last fours years while in pursuit of this degree.

But not to worry, I’ve got the home sick cure down to a science. I have little keepsakes of my home near me at all times.

here’s how I decorated my room with a few homey touches :

All that talk of home made me want some Crumbs & Magnolia cupcakes.