What to wear: Interview Edition

by hopelesslyambitiousv

When you’re out there looking for a job (as I currently am) who says stiff  black, navys, & greys were the only colors to choose from? Be creative ! Let your outfit speak for you !

Especially if you’re trying to land a job in a retail/fashion.

They want to see how your personal style will add value to their company. Don’t let your interview get-up become a carbon copy of everyone else’s .. Standout  & get the job.

Wear to work

Zara blazer
$30 – zara.com

Zara blazer
$30 – zara.com

Tapered pants
$88 – farfetch.com

$16 – warehouse.co.uk

Ballet flat
$55 – topshop.com

Louis Vuitton studded handbag
$2,190 – louisvuitton.com