This is it ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I know that if pop culture has taught us anything, saying the phrase “this is it” almost grantees yourself a funeral [RIP Micheal].

But for me, this phrase couldn’t be more true. I am a graduating senior currently on location at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island finishing up school. And even though most people my age are overcome with that nasty, debilitating, bug senioritis; I on the other hand, been experiencing quite the opposite lately.

I’m hungry, more determined than ever to soak up as much as I can from school. I study harder, pay attention more, and that sleeping in class thing I did freshman year, is long a thing of the past! This is after all, my last chance to be a student. Sure, there’s always the grad school option and all those other fancy titles & such, but I’m pretty sure that’s a long ways away. I pretty much put both my mom and myself in debt just paying for these undergrad years!


This is my way of preparing my self for the scary future. Everything for me right now is at a major crossroads. The thing I do to cope is take advantage every opportunity given to me right now, while everything is still pretty easy and is somewhat a sure thing.