Change is in The Air .. !

by hopelesslyambitiousv

[insert Barack Obama voice here] lol ..

Every other day I’m working hard to work out all the kinks of this site. If I didn’t already mention it in the first post, I’m new this whole blogging experience. So if you’ve been with me from day one (thanks by the way), and you’ve noticed that the theme as change so many times, or the header is a little off, that’s just me testing out different looks, taking in all the cool features WordPress has to offer.

Another major announcement ..

I have linked one of  my best friends Kimberly M. to the blog as a contributing blogger. Yay for you guys, you get to not only get my point of view on the goings on in fashion, but also hers as well. Kim’s profile [FashionablyKimberly] will be displayed on the right hand side of the page and on the top left corner after she does a post. You can go check her out even when she hasn’t written a post.

Kim is really good with makeup, hair, accessories, and girl talk. Whenever I’m back home in the city, she is my goto Sephora buddy !! Her style is a little more daring than mine in certain respects, but at the same time there are key things that we both seem to always agree on (like the power of a well-tailored blazer). She is the perfect Yang to my fashion opinion Ying, and will be entertaining  as hell !

I will still be captain of this ship, but today I got myself a nice copilot ❤

Stay creatively ambitious,