The Search for the Perfect Red Lip

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Anyone who knows me very well, and has known me for years, will say that I am a very dramatic person in nature.

Now keep in mind that astrologically I’m a Gemini (that pretty much says it all). So by day I’m the quiet student in the back of the room steadily taking notes, and actively listening to discussions; but as soon as class wraps,  I’m the girl going to different events on campus, laughing and mingling with everyone who compliments my braids.

Point is, there’s two sides of me. I’m the girl who still has border line nervous break downs when I’m in the front of the room about to give a group presentation (starting see dramatic thing I refered to earlier?!) And at the same token, I’m the fearless, confident, bold chick who has no problem being one of the models in a fashion show, and who doesn’t even break a sweat during an interview (and I’ve been on many). But I digress.

My absolute favorite lip color is red. It’s that right mix of old hollywood, regal, feminine glam, and drama! I come alive as soon as I apply it.

Red is an awesome color and a must have in every woman’s makeup bag. The problem with a red lip is finding the perfect shade. While browsing through my Sephora iPhone App, I came across this lovely red lip-perfect shade-finder and tutorial.

I personally own NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, and  just like the woman in the video said, it’s a great product because it’s a liner/color combo that can be easily applied.

here’s a blowup of my admin picture featuring my dramatic lip:

A red lip is always in fashion whether your dramatic like me, or not. Finding your perfect shade is key, and once you’ve done that the hard part is over!