Note Worthy Fashion Resources

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I know from the outside looking in, it may seem like I just come up with these posts on a whim. That is in fact  just not true. I am a lot more strategic than I let on.

I’m the kind of person that likes to know what I am talking about, state something, and then back it up with hard evidence. Which is why I follow a lot of fashion resources and databases.

For a lot of the in dept trend reports I use  Style Sight. It is the absolute go to when it comes to what’s next to come in the fashion arena. You can sign up for Free newsletters as well, a cheaper alternative to the coveted Women’s Wear Daily, that makes you pay for a subscription.

Another great resource I use religously is The Zoe Report. You can subscribe for free to get beauty, lifestyle, fashion advice, and styling tips! For me, this resource is great because I’ll just about follow Rachel Zoe anywhere !

In addition to these, I stay on top of everything in the retail world by using the NRF website. The National Retail Federation’s online site is a great place to stay up to date on the latest news in retail. They provides articles about how every decision in the fashion industry affects the shoppers coming in the stores, and brands at the corporate level.

Another great way to keep up with what’s in, is to follow your favorite brands’ social networking accounts. The last post featured pictures and industry news I got by following H&M’s facebook account. I also follow a lot of magazines like Complex, V, Elle, Harper’s Bazzar, and NYLON publications Twitter accounts.

There are tons of fashionable resources out there. These are just a few ways to stay on top of every angle in the fashion industry.