Versace x H&M

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I know that by now, all of you guys know all about the upcoming release of the Versace for H&M collection. Many of you even have the date circled in your calendars, in hopes of getting to your nearest H&M store, beating the crowd, and getting the coveted Versace pieces before it inevitably sells out completely.

I found this YouTube video of a sneekpeek of the much-anticipated collection launch:

To be honest, I’m not all that excited about this collection. I don’t think I’ll really be able to pull off a lot of those looks. I’m not all that excited about the loud tropical pink prints. Even the mini dresses for me are a turn off because of the embroidered studs, over the top sequins, and jeweled accents. I was much more excited for the launch of Missoni when they collaborated with Target :(.

But that’s just me. I still think its awesome that Versace will be available at H&M, even for a limited time. It gives folks that love the brand, but could never otherwise afford it, or would have to break the bank getting it,  a piece of the luxury name at a much more affordable price.

Whether you’re into to the Versace x H&M collection or not, you certainly can’t overlook all the buzz the collection is getting in the fashion world right now.