Ding Dong, the Braids are Gone !

by hopelesslyambitiousv

So this past weekend I took my very long, Solange Knowles inspired braids out. But not to worry, my creativity and ambition did not lay strictly in my artsy, bohemian hairstyle !

Now that I am back to my natural state, I have a new Hair inspiration ..

That’s right, Vintage Corinne Bailey Rae !

Some might argue why her? my hair type is clearly a lot more course in nature, but when I take the time to care for it and style it, I can create a signature curl just like Ms. Bailey Rae!

I am embarking on a new hair care journey and Corinne Bailey Rae is my light house. Even her sense of style and fashion is always on point!

Something tells me I’ll be fine 🙂