Local Fashions

by hopelesslyambitiousv

On way in from classes, there’s a street downtown that I always like to walk down – Westminster. For those of you who are not familiar with Providence, Westminster Street is located in the heart of city’s downtown area. I really  love this particular block because its narrow and is full of little charming boutiques and unique, hole- in-the-wall stores and restaurants. It reminds me of the really narrow European styled blocks in Quebec I strolled down while in Canada during a class trip my sophomore year of high school.

One of the store front boutiques on Westminster I always find my self taking a closer look at is this charming menswear store called Wharf.  So one day I just decided to stop on in and see if the store’s interior, was as fabulous as it looked outside.

As you can tell from just these little snippets of photos, the inside of Wharf is everything and more !

So classic, timeless, true American style. This store almost makes me wish I were a man lol. The visual display techniques used in this in store really conveys that overall genuine, rugged, yet stylish vibe, similar to those design aesthetics found in a Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger type menswear store. I especially love the vintage, rustic furniture and use of barrels. There is a lot more store than these four pictures. There is still a whole back area of the store that remains uncharted by me. When I went in it was brief; After all, it is a menswear store, there’s absolutely nothing in there for me with the exception of some collegiate Oxford shirts I eyed in the back.

So if you’re ever in the Providence or surrounding New England areas, I urge you to stop in. Also be sure to check out their website. They have some really great potential gift pieces for the boyfriend/brother/father in your life.