My Christmas Wish list ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Growing up I never had a really chance to actually sit down and make a formal christmas last. My brother and I were usually always given a really ‘big’ surprise gift (for me it was mostly variations of the newest Barbie doll & outfits)  along with something we needed like a few new clothes, and as we got older we were able to pretty much just come out and ask for the number one thing we wanted. So unlike the other kids that returned to school right after christmas break, I didn’t have a long list of things to share about what I got versus what I had  demanded on my list.  I was just thankful to get what I had gotten. And nothing else truly mattered to me.

So here’s my long overdue grown up christmas list 🙂

What is a blogger without an iPad 2 ?

and while I’m still dreaming, why shouldn’t I have an over the top case to flaunt my iPad in ?!

We have yet to talk about my Essie addiction here yet .. lol

A pair of vintage cat eye frames

Get me a Zara gift card & I’m set for the year !!

A little unconventional, but I’ve always wanted a dress form mannequin to display in my room

In the end I was always thankful for what I received on Christmas. But with that being said, in the past couple of years I’ve also learned if you don’t ask for something, you will pretty much get nothing.