The last minute Xmas gift scurry

by hopelesslyambitiousv

We’re exactly four days away from Christmas D-day. And what have most of you done to prepare ? The answer is nothing! I happen to work in a mall and I see all the crowed stores loaded with panicked faces galore.

Why did you guys wait so long to do your Christmas shopping?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to past judgement or make anyone in particular feel bad. Hell, my own mother is guilty of christmas shopping procrastination. The good news is there is still hope for you last minuters out there.

Many retailers like GAP, Old Navy, and H&M are having massive sales and have plenty left in stock to go around. In fact if you visit H&M’s website this is what you will be hit with as soon as you enter:

A lot of retailers are even staying open extra late just to accommodate you guys (including mine 😦 ).  Don’t be discouraged! there are still great gifts out there and opportunities to purchase.  Just the other day I ordered a gift for my god son off Amazon and it promised to be delivered by christmas!

Be creative, take one last ounce of initiative, and if all else fails you can always count on a good ‘ol gift card.

Good Luck Guys