When in New York ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am back home in NYC for a little bit and super excited. When I’m not here I miss this place to death!! The lights, the energy, even the crowed streets. I’ll take them any day over the quiet, slow, whisper that is the state of Rhode Island. I’ve been in Providence so long that I’ve forgotten how to walk. If your from New York, then surely you must understand there’s a certain way we walk here – FAST PACED. If you even slow down for a bit you will be run down by the tons of strangers walking at an acceptable pace right behind you and trust me, nobody is prepared for that !

When I’m here, there’s a place me and my best friend Kim (or as she’s known on here FashionablyKimberly) always find ourselves regulars at, a little hole in the wall bar/restaurant Cowgirl Seahorse. We absolutely love this place. I mean after all, we venture all the way from the Bronx to the financial district right off the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge where it’s located, just to get our hands on their Creole Crabcake Sandwich. It’s so delicious !! Not to mention, Cowgirl Seahorse also has really great drinks served in these vintage rustic jam jars.

So if you’re in the city do as the natives do and get to Cowgirl Seahorse !!!