A thin line Between Food & Fashion

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I’m back in Providence, settled in and back on my regular school schedule again. As I said before, my little spur of the moment trip back home was everything and more !! I felt like my old self again. TV time and talks with my mom, laughs and drinks with my friends, and rediscovering everything that is so great about the city. I really needed that.

But in retrospect, when I look back at my venture back to the city, I can say I certainly did one thing for sure -STUFF MY FACE. I had really good food I miss when I’m out in New England. I hit a few spots like , Cowgirl Seahorse, Magnolia Bakery, Pinkberry, Haagen Dazs, and Papaya King. The truly surprising part of it all is most of  those restaurants I just mentioned are blocks apart from one another !!

The bag image looks exactly like the store !!

Anisah’s Banana Pudding  🙂

Me enjoying some good ‘ol pecan pie 🙂

Anisah’s Pinkberry Treat

Anisah’s bag posing with a Papaya King dog: The inspiration for this post

As you can see Anisah and I definitely had ourselves a sweet tooth that night we ventured off to the west side. But the important thing to take note here is how fashion connects with us on every level including the places we choose to eat. All the components and visual display techniques that go into these places are not just pleasing to the eye, but also to out stomach. Do you really think that Magnolia Bakery just comes up with their unique store and curb appeal look on their own??! Do you think its coincidental that the store front is an exact replica of all their art work on the labels and bags ??! I think not .

 The next time you’re out with friends and hit up your favorite places, I invite you to take a look around at the place. Take note of all the trends and fashionable designs elements going on that make your favorite place so special.