How Blogging Makes a Better Student ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I’m sure you’ve all heard your fair share about how blogging has changed people’s lives, allowed them to open up, and to really dig deep into their passion. But I promise you haven’t heard this take of it ..

As most of you know, I am a graduating senior currently embarking on my last year of college :'(. So as a result, I am absolutely no stranger to pulling all nighters, doing group projects, and writing insane amounts of papers !! The one thing that I have taken away from writing papers is establishing a writers voice. A unique take of a particular topic, written in your way from your point of view. Some of the best grades I have ever gotten in school was from my ability to turn the same topic we all were assigned, and put my spin on it, in my own voice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that every college paper you write will need to be conversational, I’m just saying consider the professors point of view. Their reading the SAME paper on the SAME topic 50+ times, depending on class size. Don’t you think that the one that stands out and is interesting will receive the better grade ??!

The point that I’m trying to make is blogging is run the exact same way. Almost everyone can create a blog. I’m on WordPress and it’s absolutely free. The trick is setting your blog apart from everyone else’s, and the way to do that is same as a college paper. When you blog it’s all considering your reader. They want your unique point of view, your spin on the topic. If they just happen upon your site, a lot of them probably already follow many blogs. Blogging and papers are your way of making yours stand out from the rest.

Me hard at work. I kind of miss the braids 😦

But Just like college papers, bloggers are expected to produce the truth, so make sure that whatever you write on your blog you back it up with some kind of factual evidence of course.