Code Red

by hopelesslyambitiousv


Ahhhh, the color red; the most attention-getting of all the other colors that crumble under the pressure of sharing the crayon box with it and living in its shadow. The color that represents everything, from love and lust, to hate and anger, to heat and fire, to desire and temptation, and the list goes on ..

Red is also working overtime this new year as the new black. You know, the classic LBD is now the LRD. That’s right, little red dress. And judging by the looks of this trend, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. So get on board and do yourself a favor,make sure you have at least one to break out of your wardrobe as your absolute secret weapon and “I just threw this on but I still look so damn good” arsenal.



Marc by Marc Jacobs

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As you can see, the best thing about the LRD is its versatility. Not just on style and length, but also hue. The LRD has a lot more color ranges and options than the traditional black version. You can literally have many LRDs in all types of hues from cherry red, to brick, burgundy, to fuchsia.

Thank me later.