The Fashion Cycle

by hopelesslyambitiousv

The one thing on my mind since I’ve been exiled to New England for school has been owning my very own bike. No surprise, since the scenery on the East side of Providence where I’m located is very collegiate and Prim, with RISD and Brown being a hop, skip, and a jump away from my apartment. I don’t want not just any bike though, I’m talking vintage lady bike with a wicker basket in the front, shiny silver bell, and a small crate in the back – think summertime Amsterdam.

This recent obsession with owning a bike isn’t something new. In fact, if I were forced into therapy right this moment, the sadness of my past would inevitably include one or two stories about always wanting to own a bike, getting said bike, and watching it rot in my backyard. Point is, the bike isn’t some metaphor for me trying to escape whatever hardship I’m facing at the moment, it’s real.

So along with the many other blogs I actively peruse in search of  inspiration, I find myself on this really cool one Lovely Bicycle! about the love of vintage bikes :).

**Photo credits: Adeline AdelineBELLA CIAO

When you look at the styles of these bikes you immediately see the connection between fashion and transportation. A bike can look like anything, all it takes is two wheels and a metal frame. It’s the art, craftmanship, and attention to detail that makes these truly stand out to me. Many designers like Kate Spade even have their hands in bikes; making transportation fashionable.

It’s just another example about how inspiration in fashion can come from just about anywhere 🙂