Culture Shock

by hopelesslyambitiousv

As all of you know, fashion week is back on and is in full swing over in New York.  In fact, right as I type thousands of new ensembles and garments are being prepped, steamed, and fitted for their debut on the cat walk tomorrow.

But when I look at a designers collections, I don’t just marvel in its sheer beauty, I think about the inspiration, the research, and the science behind it all as well.

So far the two collections that really stood out and caught my eye are Jason Wu and Rag & Bone. I found these really cool videos about the inspirations behind these two collections on and I just had to share them !

As shown in the videos, you can see the designers took inspirations from culture to come up with their collections. It was really awesome to see just how culture and travel can really inspire designers to make their jaw dropping pieces.  If I were able to travel, I’d have no excuse not to be fashionable too!