Absence makes the Blog Grow Stronger

by hopelesslyambitiousv

I would love to tell you guys that during my little hiatus here and there, that I’ve been busy do this, and doing that (insert very important fashion related activities here). But truth is I was swamped with school work and running low on inspiration. It happens to the best of us :(.

But from here on out, I will make a commitment to stay on top of this blog and keep the ambition coming !! After all, if I’m going to continue to use this as a skill and bullet on my resume, I might as well make absolute sure that it is up to date and fresh.

I have a much lighter course load as I creep slowly into graduation mode, so that means there’s more time to get inspired and keep it coming. That means more time for lookbooks, tumblrs, blogs, and everything else that comes with the territory of fashion industry blogging.

Point is, it’s not over people. Hopelessly Ambitious V will not fall victim of google’s graveyard of abandoned blogs. Promise.