I am the Social Network ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

In an effort to make my personal brand more marketable and desirable to companies in PR in the fashion industry, I have literally joined every social networking website out. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it, I’ve got it!

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I am not crazy or anything and I’m well aware that studies have shown that the more presence we have on social media, the more problems like chronic loneliness we develop. However, I’ve recently started applying to “big girl” jobs for right after I receive my bachelors degree in May, and I came across this wonderful opportunity of Merchandising Associate at  Condé Nast. I researched the requirements of this position and it entails 2 years of relevent writing experience and social media experience. This would be the ideal foot in the door job for me :). I already have the writing and social media experience from my internship and personal hobbies, but I realized the more familiar I am with the future of Marketing/PR, the better off I am.

Btw, I found out about this job via Twitter! I follow all kinds of job boards and company career Twitter pages. The world has changed. What once took the right family insider connection to learn about new job opportunities, has now been replaced by the internet’s social networking.

Ask me what my plans for the future are and I’ll tell you I plan to stay current!