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Month: May, 2012

The Graduate

by hopelesslyambitiousv

It’s official folks, your blogger friend V is finally a college graduate!! I, Hopelessly Ambitious V, have earned my B.S Advertising, Marketing Communications degree with a concentrations in fashion from Johnson & Wales University’s Providence Campus 🙂 🙂 :).

It’s taken a while for it to really sink in and become real to me. I feel like graduation itself came and went so fast, and the event itself is like a blur in time. Maybe I won’t truly feel like a graduate until my diploma arrives in four to six weeks.

Anywhoo … Let’s get to discussing what we really came here to discuss, my outfit for the ceremony of course :). As promised and teased in my previous post, I wore a very on trend peplum number. So on trend that I got a couple looks of envy from the not so stylish Fashion Merchandising majors in attendance, also graduating, at my school.

I ordered my super cute pink peplum dress from Miss Selfridge and couldn’t be happier with the way it looked and fit. This is how I envisioned what I wanted to look like graduation day. I seriously would have paid any amount of money for that dress. With that being said, I just did my research for this post and saw that it’s damn near 50% off!!. I bought mine for $74, but you can get your very own now for $38. They even have a coral color option at full price.

Words cannot fully express the amount of emotions going through me now that I finished school. I woke up this morning, opened my MacBook and realized I don’t have any papers due. Ever. I’m just gonna try to enjoy this momentary pause of freedom for a little bit and get to finding a career. Truthfully I’m just hoping all continues to go well :).



The Almost Graduate

by hopelesslyambitiousv

My college graduation is officially just two days away and I am beyond excited !!! Everything is set and prepped for Saturday and the day can’t come any quicker. I’m ready to get the hell out of Rhode Island and start my life as a degree toting grown ass woman :). But before I do all that .. let’s take a moment to discuss what I’ll be wearing, come the big day. I mean after all, this is a fashion blog, am I right?

Because I like to think of myself as a somewhat trend savvy individual, I have taken it upon myself to prove it. And what better occasion to flaunt my fashion superiority than graduation!! For graduation I’m going with this year’s hottest trend – the peplum :).

Check out my inspiration:

I’m all set to prove why I’m at the head of my class with my awesome peplum dress! Stay tuned folks for the official pics from the ceremony ;). Did I mention I can’t wait until Saturday ??!