The Graduate

by hopelesslyambitiousv

It’s official folks, your blogger friend V is finally a college graduate!! I, Hopelessly Ambitious V, have earned my B.S Advertising, Marketing Communications degree with a concentrations in fashion from Johnson & Wales University’s Providence Campus 🙂 🙂 :).

It’s taken a while for it to really sink in and become real to me. I feel like graduation itself came and went so fast, and the event itself is like a blur in time. Maybe I won’t truly feel like a graduate until my diploma arrives in four to six weeks.

Anywhoo … Let’s get to discussing what we really came here to discuss, my outfit for the ceremony of course :). As promised and teased in my previous post, I wore a very on trend peplum number. So on trend that I got a couple looks of envy from the not so stylish Fashion Merchandising majors in attendance, also graduating, at my school.

I ordered my super cute pink peplum dress from Miss Selfridge and couldn’t be happier with the way it looked and fit. This is how I envisioned what I wanted to look like graduation day. I seriously would have paid any amount of money for that dress. With that being said, I just did my research for this post and saw that it’s damn near 50% off!!. I bought mine for $74, but you can get your very own now for $38. They even have a coral color option at full price.

Words cannot fully express the amount of emotions going through me now that I finished school. I woke up this morning, opened my MacBook and realized I don’t have any papers due. Ever. I’m just gonna try to enjoy this momentary pause of freedom for a little bit and get to finding a career. Truthfully I’m just hoping all continues to go well :).