Still Quite the Ambitious One ..

by hopelesslyambitiousv

Since finally graduating from college, every morning around 9 am, I’m overwhelmed with this sense of urgency to send out resumes, check out the newest opportunities listed on Career Builder, and update and perfect my LinkedIn page. Weird right?

Well for me it’s better than nothing; because that’s exactly what it feels like I’ve been doing, nothing. Applying for jobs in 2012 is nothing like how it was, say, 2002. Gone are the days where recent grads got all suited up, put on their best heels and lipstick, and headed out the door on Monday morning in search of a job. Now, everything is completely electronic and you can literally sit in your living room, dressed in you bathrobe, and apply to openings. The bad news is, to the untrained eye it looks like you’re just fooling around as usual on the computer, and not making any effort to leave the nest. But I digress. That’s clearly a topic for another post ..

Here’s what they don’t tell you in college:
1. Landing a job right after college with very little experience isn’t has easy as its portrayed in the movies!!!
2. In order to be successful in life and finding a job you must MASTER the skill of writing an awesome cover letter.
3. You can no longer be humble, in fact, you need to brag about yourself. (most of these cover letters need to include a line or two about yourself highlighting why you are the ideal candidate for the position)

Even still, with all the obstacles and odds clearly not in my favor, I’m managing to hang in there and keep my head up. I’m applying for all the right internships at PR firms with fashion based clients, I’m following all the right companies on social media, and I’m constantly updating and sending out resumes to all the right people. Through all of the challenges, I’ve still remained as ambitious as ever. Hopefully my positivity will leap from the page of this blog to god’s ears and I’ll finally get what I’ve been searching for.

Until then, it’s back to the couch where I will continue to search on 🚶.